You come across stories like this from time to time, never good. I am fortunate enough to be able to take a picture of Martin. He has had 30 chickens decapitated in the last month and he believes it's people doing it. not foxes, because of the way they have been killed. Mac Fields police are taking it seriously. 

Not usually one of those feel good stories we come across but important just the same. I photographed Martin with his only remaining hen, she was laying eggs and was very skittish after what has happened. 

Even though it was a chicken it made me feel for it and Martin too. He obviously cared for his animals, pigeons also.

He remains positive in the fact that he will get more chickens and not let this affect his life, lets just hope it does not happen again.


Cheers, Si

Martin with his only remaining hen.

Martin with his only remaining hen.

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