Roller derby action

Hi all, following up from my last post about the derby dolls. I got to cover some of the roller derby action yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately the dolls had a late bout so I ended up shooting the Sydney Snipers against the Wollongong Steel City. It was in the Five By Five event at Whitlam Leisure Centre. 

It was the first time I had the privledge of shoot derby action before, even though I have covered it with set up shots before. It is some rad fun. I stood at turn one with a bunch of other shooters talking about the sport and photographic.  

Talk about keen, these guys can travel all around shooting this sport. On to gear, I thought we were pretty kitted out. There was one dude that had flash kit with multiple triggers, four cameras, welded metal camera case. Man. I was jealous.  

Back to the derby, the action was rough, fast, and dangerous. One lady came off injured, it was good seeing that everyone takes a knee when that happens.  

Many way if any of you et a chance to check it out please do so. Super fun night it would be.  

Sydney snipers moving through the pack of Steel City.  

Sydney snipers moving through the pack of Steel City.  


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