South Side Derby Dolls

Hi all, what a fantastic Monday it is here in Sydney today, the sun is shining, not to cold, it is a rad day to be out and about. Here is a quick portrait of one of the South Side Derby Dolls from our photo shoot this morning. 

They are usually based around the Menai area, or Shire as some of you may name it. Anyway they are having a few bouts out in Liverpool's Whitlam Centre. One this weekend actually. I am hoping to be back there on Saturday afternoon shooting. It would be a nice way to end off the shift with Fairfax Media that afternoon.

There is going to be a four bouts starting at 1pm and all the way through till 7pm for the main event. Hey by the way, if you are thinking of joining up in this sport, hit them up they are super cool email:, web:, or look them up on Facebook.

Cheers, Si


South Side Derby Doll Dannielle Williams (Cluster Frack)

South Side Derby Doll Dannielle Williams (Cluster Frack)

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